PS5 Ever Forward

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Pre-Order Deadline: 8th June 2021.
Release Date: 14th September 2021.

Consumer Advice: TBA.
Genre: Platformer / Adventure / Puzzle.
Text Language: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese.
Voice Language: None.
Multiplayer Online: None.
Multiplayer Offline: None.

1x Game Cartridge

    Ever Forward is an adventure puzzle game following the story of a girl named Maya. Maya is lost in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination. She is alone to confront her despair on her journey of discovery, where she must unlock her memories and confront her fears to unravel the secrets of the world. Players will need to use their observational skills and intelligence to solve multiple puzzles to piece together the mystery of Maya’s past and what dark secrets she has buried

    Game Features

    • Engaging puzzle system: players will feel deeply challenged and motivated to solve each puzzle, and some puzzles have multiple ways of being completed to fit different kinds of thinkers and logical processes.
    • The art: a Color pallet of soothing pastels and futuristic tones Designed to simulate the absurd nature of the world.
    • Adventure: players can collect fragments of memories in the world to unlock new areas and new puzzles.
    • Mechanics: mechanics ranges from simple movement and jump to teleportation and gravity control, the player must use stealth and observational skills to navigate each puzzle.