PS4 Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Upwell Interactive


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Pre-Order Deadline: 7th January 2020.
Release Date: 14th February 2020.

1x Game Disc

Champion Edition Includes:
Adds each character, stage and other content that released after arcade Edition and will include all launch content coming to this new version; in total:

  • 40 characters
  • 34 stages
  • Over 200 costumes
  • Story mode, Arcade mode, Team Battle, Ranked Match, Casual Match and more.
  • New V Skills for each character.
  • Balance update with new gameplay improvements and more depth to the combat system.

      Consumer Advice: General
      Genre: Versus / Fighting
      Text Language: English
      Voice Language: English / Japanese
      Multiplayer Online: 2 Players.
      Multiplayer Offline: 2 Players.