PS4 Dead Or Alive 6 (Collector's Edition)

Upwell Interactive


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Pre-Order Deadline: 30th January 2019.
Release Date:
 15th February 2019.

1x Game Software
1x Initial Premium Download Content Code (Pre-Order Bonus)
1x Official Book (Collector's Edition Content)
1x Character Badge Set of 25 Types (Collector's Edition Content)
1x Deluxe Set Downloadable Content Code (Collector's Edition Content)
1x Original Soundtrack (Collector's Edition Content)

Initial Premium DLC Includes:

  • Additional Costume for [Kasumi]
  • [Nyotengu] Playable Character Unlock

Deluxe Set DLC Includes:

  • [Phase 4] Playable Character Unlock
  • Deluxe Costume Set of 25 Types
  • Deluxe BGM of 3 Tracks

Collector's Edition's physical contents are Japanese with the Game Software and DLC replaced with the R3 Asian English version.

      Consumer Advice: Pending.
      Genre: 3D Versus / Fighter.
      Text Language: English.
      Voice Language: Japanese.
      Multiplayer Online: 2 Players.
      Multiplayer Offline: 2 Players.