NS A Tale of Synapse: The Chaos Theories



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Pre-Order Deadline: 13th May 2021.
Release Date: 23rd July 2021

1x Game Cartridge

      Consumer Advice: General
      Genre: Platformer / Adventure / Puzzle /Education
      Text Language: English
      Voice Language: English 
      Multiplayer Online: None.
      Multiplayer Offline: 2 Players.

      Help Sci and Néro to get out of a world where logic, mathematics and puzzles will be your allies in a 2D platform game with a unique aesthetic.

      A Tale of Synapse is a cross of platformer and puzzle game melting abstract art and sciences. Use the universe rules and all the element that compose it to help Synapsians to openminded. Discover an incredible and colorful story with Sci and Néro, two heroes, who cooperate to evolve in this oneiric world based on Math’s’ logics rules. The original soundtrack will immerse you in the universe of Hemeide.

      Are you able to enter this magical land? Play alone or co-op with your friend and develop your synapses to get more competencies, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

      - 4 magical worlds
      - 48 levels with incredible puzzles
      - Colorful and unique 2D
      - More than 10h of gameplay
      - French Innovative Indie Game
      - Solve equations with your sense of logic