Battle Spirits TCG - [August 2021 Collaboration Format] Online Tournament Registration

Game Academia Singapore


To purchase this ticket, please register for a Game Academia account in this link.

For players who are interested to play in our online tournaments. Please make complete payment online.

Local Players: Via Bank Transfer, PayNOW or PayLah.

Overseas Players please wait for Paypal Request to confirm your registration.
Please note for Paypal payments, players are to bear the additional 5% Paypal Charges. You can choose to pay by GooglePay, PayNow or PayLah if your Bank supports these apps. (GooglePay method is the same as PayNow).

Please note that entry ticket DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING costs. Please see below for shipping information

Please contact us on FaceBook Messenger (Game Academia Singpore page) with your Order # and Payment Receipt before the registration closes. 

Tournament Details:

DISCORD Channel: Battle Spirits TCG (Game Academia)
Tournament Start Time:
Registration Closes at 8pm of the Tournament Day.
Tournament Style: Collaboration Series-Only / Swiss / Best of 1.
*Decks are restricted to card from collaboration series ([CB] and related [BSC] cards). You may include up to 10 cards that are not from the collaboration series in your deck.
Rounds: 3 Rounds.

Entry Gift:

  • 1x P21-03: Beast Warrior Ragos Promo Card
  • 1x P21-06: Chant My Name! Promo Card


  • 2x CB18 Booster Packs



Champion: 1x PX21-02: Brandon Grandwalker Promo Card


Players who are interested to participating in Game Academia’s online tournaments must fulfill the following requirements:

If you do not own a webcam, you could turn your smartphone into a webcam by following this guide.

  • Discord account (Enter your Discord#Tag in Notes upon ticket checkout)
  • PC with Decent Internet Connection
  • Webcam OR Smartphone
  • Microphone

Tournament Registration:

  • Register for this tournament by purchasing this Ticket.
  • Make payment and submit the payment details on Game Academia Singapore’s Facebook Messenger for verification. 
  • Be online in the #Battle-Spirits lobby in our Discord channel 30 minutes before the event to test connection and configure your settings.

    Tournament Process:

    • Once players are present, the organizer will announce the pairings in the #Battle-Spirits channel in our Discord. 
    • When your pairing is up, enter a video call with your opponent in the voice chat rooms.
    • Once you and your opponent are able to view each other's field and communicate, you may immediately begin your game.
    • If you have any ruling clarification or a judge call, you may post your question or judge call in #Battle-Spirits.
    • When time is called, the organizer will prompt you. Please screenshot the field and paste it on the discord chat.
    • Repeat this process until the tournament is concluded.
    • Please note if your Video Chat has disconnected, it will be considered as your Match Loss. Therefore please ensure good internet connection by closing programs that take up too much of your bandwidth during this event.

    Tournament Conclusion & Prize-Giving

    • When the final round is over, results will be posted in #Battle-Spirits. 
    • Winners of the tournament and entry gifts will be prepared for collection on the next day. Postage of your entry gift & prizes is possible with a registered mail charge of $4 with tracking for Singaporean Players. For Overseas players, please check the SingPost Overseas mail charges below. This will be charged separately after the tournament.
    • You may also request for free standard white envelope postage, at your own risk. 
    • Players can also request to ship their entry gifts and promos with their next order to save on shipping.
    • Should there be a lucky draw give out, please view the draw result on our Twitch.TV Channel: GameAcadSG.
    • Winner’s Decklist and match highlights will be posted in Game Academia Singapore’s YouTube Channel or Facebook Page.
    • Prizes not collected from our store within 2 weeks will be forfeited with no refunds given as penalty.