Terms and Conditions


By accessing this website and after completing a purchase, you are deemed to have unconditionally read and understood all clauses of Game Academia’s (Herein referred to as “GA”) Terms of Services as highlighted below:

GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICE – Things you need to know before shopping with us.

PRE-ORDER POLICY – What you should know before pre-ordering a product.

DELIVERY & SHIPPING POLICY – Important for customers shipping outside Singapore.

REFUND & RETURN POLICY – What is eligible for refund and how we process it.

WARRANTY POLICY – Which products are covered by warranty and how to claim it.

If there is an issue you are facing or an enquiry you would like to check on, please feel free to email us at gameacad@gmail.com and we will be delighted to assist you.


1.1) All products listed in GA website is inclusive of GST and listed in Singapore Dollars by default.

1.2) GA does not accept requests for refunds, returns or exchanges for any product once purchases are made in our GA website and in our physical retail store whether the goods have been shipped out or not. All goods sold and sales transactions are final.

1.3) Payments accepted in this website are through PayNow and Debit/Credit Cards processed by authorized payment gateway solutions. Our physical retail store front only accepts payments in Cash & PayLah!/PayNow. All payments unless otherwise informed are to be made in FULL.

1.4) GA reserves the right to cancel / refund any orders whether paid in partial, paid deposit or in full.

1.5) GA takes pride and provides the product/service price and product/service description as accurately as informed by our suppliers / manufacturers and distributors alike.

1.6) Should any information in our listed product/service price or description is deemed inaccurate within the GA website or cause a miscommunication due to error, GA reserves the right to amend the Price and Description of the product/service, and either cancel or adjust the affected order by refunding the order in partial or full depending on the affected product, with or without any notice.

1.7) Product images in GA website are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may vary.

1.8) GA’s GATZ point system is not returnable once used or if your order is refunded. GATZ point system is not exchangeable for cash partially or in full.

1.9) GA reserves the right to amend, remove or upgrade GATZ point system at anytime with or without notice.

1.10) GA through its authorized team will contact you either by E-Mail/WhatsApp/SMS/Call if your attention is required for an issue, and with your consent, by emailing you under our domain (gameacad@gmail.com or emails ending with @game-academia.com) to receive marketing/promotional emails.

1.11) There is no bulk purchase deals or bulk discounts. Game Academia's prices are fixed and can only be discounted using Discount Codes, redeemable through GATZ points, awarded for every dollar spent in Game Academia website. GATZ Discount Codes offsets ALL products in a single order.




2.2) In the event where a refund for Pre-Orders is requested and approved on a case-by-case basis, GA will only process the refund in form of Store Credit only.

2.3) Pre-Ordering with GA secures and confirms your order placed and shipped out for delivery on or after the Release Date, subject to when GA receives ALL the products ordered in a single Order#. Depending on certain pre-orders, you get a price that is cheaper than the official selling price. Pre-Ordering also adds GATZ rewards points to your account when the order is shipped, which you can redeem for store-wide discount codes.

2.4) As we take pre-orders early, there are chances that we may drop our prices to better suit the market. When this happens, all pre-orders will be protected to the lowest price implemented. If you have already made full payment, we will send you a Discount Code for price adjustment.

2.5) If there are more than 1 Pre-Orders in 1 Order# with different release dates, GA will ship the entire order to you on the latest Release Date of the product in your Order. Although this is slow, you will save more on shipping. Despite this, if you would like to receive your order earlier for a said product, kindly pre-order all the products with the same release day in 1 order.

2.6) In the unpredictable event where GA’s Pre-Orders are reduced by our distributors due to stock shortage or completely cancelled, GA will in turn either cancel your order in full or adjust the order by removing the affected product from your order.

2.7) For Trading Card Games, GA will honor and prioritize Orders placed according to Carton / Case quantity first. Should we be unable to honor your Carton / Case quantity, we will at our discretion offer you an option to refund your order in form of Store Credit, if your Carton / Case orders are not shipped out within 2 weeks of the product’s Release Date.

2.8) Prices of pre-orders are finalized unless it is mentioned in the product description. However please note that price adjustments may be done by the product distributor or a different supplier for stocks we purchase, in which case we will follow the adjusted price and update your order's product price as well.

2.9) All Pre-Orders that arrive must be collected within 1 week for customers who have selected the [Self-Collection] option as their preferred delivery option. GA reserves the right to consider uncollected orders after 14 days of prior notice as “Abandoned by Customer”, which leads to order cancellation without refund.



3.1) Customers (herein also known as “the recipient”) who have placed an order and requested for Delivery Services, both locally in Singapore and Overseas, are solely responsible for providing accurate information of their Shipping Details (Name, Full Address and Contact Number).

3.2) Shipping charges are automatically calculated during checkout as a whole order. We encourage our customers to compile all the products they intend to get in 1 order to save costs in shipping.

3.3) Depending on the destination country, type of product and value of your order, you are required to bear any duties and taxes imposed upon you by your country's customs law. Customers and recipients are deemed to be self-informed of their own country’s import taxes according to their customs law.

3.4) GA will not be able to under-declare the value of goods to protect your shipment and issue a claim in case of any loss and damages caused during transit under the care of the shipping company.

3.5) GA will not be held liable for delivery errors, mix ups or similar issues caused by inaccurate Shipping Details provided by the recipient. If you realized there is a mistake in the shipping address, please contact us by email immediately for us to correct the information.

3.6) Once your Order is shipped out, we will not be able to make any changes to any of the shipping details. Any further correction beyond this point will be between the shipping company and the recipient.

3.7) Please note that certain couriers may charge a fee to redirect your Order package. Should they do so, this additional charge will be borne by the recipient.

3.8) GA will not be liable to provide any compensation for damages arising from the shipping company’s delivery couriers.

3.9) Should you come across a situation where your parcel is lost or received in damaged condition, please immediately take pictures of the damaged parcel before opening it for evidence and contact the shipping company for additional assistance. Kindly note that depending on your package, the shipping company might send down a surveyor to verify the damage.

3.10) In the event where shipments are rejected by the recipient of the destination for any given reason, GA will not claim these goods back, allow it to be returned and / or refund the amount for any goods shipped out.



4.1) GA does not accept refunds, returns or exchange for any product. All transactions made are final.

4.2) We provide product exchange service for most electronic hardware and equipment such as game consoles, controllers, headsets and peripherals for purchases made within 6 days for only customers in Singapore. If the product is covered by our Exchange Policy, we will have it stated in the product description.

4.3) We will accept your product(s) mentioned in clause 4.2 for exchange under the following circumstance(s):

  • Dead on arrival (Eg. No power, unable to turn on)
  • Button defect (Eg. Faulty buttons or analog sticks )
  • Product is faulty (Eg. Auto-Shutdown, display errors that does not include dead pixels)
  • Headset audio problems (Eg. Audible only on one side (Left or Right) of the headset)

4.4) Should the product in clause 4.3 you receive be defective or dead on arrival, please follow the procedure below:

  • Conduct a final check on the product to confirm that it is dead or defective, Google or YouTube the issue to find simple solutions that you might have missed out (Eg. Not connected properly, software driver not installed or missed out installation sequences)
  • Contact us at gameacad@gmail.com to report you issue within the exchange period upon receiving the product and tell us of your situation. We will forward the issue with the manufacturers and send you a checklist to help with the issue. After this process, if the product is still defective, we will suggest you head down to our physical retail store with the product.
  • Once the product has reached us, we will send it to the official service center of the product to check and verify the defect.
  • Official service centers take 2 - 4 weeks to diagnose the product and send us a report of what they have found. Should the product be deemed defective by the official service center, we will contact you to collect a replacement.
  • Should the product be deemed in working condition and no defects are found by the official service center, we will contact you to inform you that the product is working fine and return the set back to you with the diagnostic report.

4.5) Requirements to proceed with Return & Exchange:

  1. No cosmetic damage on product (Eg. scratches, physical damage, removed parts)
  2. Serial number of the product must not be defaced, altered or tempered with in any way.
  3. Warranty Seal of the product must not be defaced, altered or tempered with in any way.
  4. Product must be returned in the same condition when received, with ALL the accessories, cables and packaging intact.
  5. Cosmetic / Physical damage DOES NOT qualify for Exchange or Warranty.
  6. Dead Pixels DOES NOT qualify for Exchange or Warranty.

4.6) GA reserves the right to make changes to the Refund & Returns Policy at our discretion with or without prior notice.



5.1) Only customers residing in Singapore are qualified for Warranty Service.

5.2) Electronic / Video Gaming devices that are eligible for Warranty is mentioned in the respective product’s description. If the product is covered by Warranty, it is only valid under these conditions:

  • Order# for the product sent for warranty must be provided.
  • Serial Number of the product must not be defaced, altered or tempered with in any way.
  • Warranty Seal of the product must not be defaced, altered or tempered with in any way.
  • Button defect (Eg. Buttons or analog sticks not working)
  • Product is faulty (Eg. Auto-shutdown, display errors that does not include dead pixels)
  • Headset audio problems (Eg. Audible only on one side (Left or Right) of the headset)

5.3) If your product is within the Warranty protection period (from the invoice date), please contact the respective service centers to assist with your Warranty process:

69 Ubi Road 1, #07-23, Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408731
Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 10am – 6pm / Saturdays: 10am – 3pm / Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Contact Number: +65 6602 8268
Fortune Centre #17-01, 190 Middle Road Singapore 188979
Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 9.30am - 12.30pm & 2.30pm - 6pm / Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays.
Contact Number: +65 6338-8745.
*For LCD Monitors / ROG & TUF Gaming Desktop & Laptop
8 Burn Road, #11-16 Trivex Singapore 369977
Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 10am – 7pm / Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays.
*For ROG & TUF Motherboard, Optical Storage, Graphic Card, Desktop PC, Multimedia, Peripherals
150 Ubi Avenue 4, #04-01 Singapore 408825
Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 9am – 5pm / Saturdays: 9am – 12pm / Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Contact Number: +65 6512 9250


Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and service. If you have any further enquires or clarification, please feel free to contact us at gameacad@gmail.com.