Game Academia Rankings FAQ

Most tournaments that is held by Game Academia will include Game Academia Rankings. Here is are some quick frequently asked questions and answers you might have about this incentive.

Last Update: 1st June 2019

*GAME ACADEMIA RANKINGS PROGRAM has completed its BETA TEST and ended its' program effective on 1st June 2019. We would like to thank all players for participating in the TCG events held by Game Academia for their Rankings. We will close this section up on 30th June 2019 and the terms and conditions stated below will remain for the Ranking Programs held on and before May 2019 for your reference. We hope you will look forward to our next system!

Q: What is Game Academia Rankings?
A: Game Academia Rankings is a system that rewards players with Ranking Points for achieving victories in specific tournaments held in Game Academia's store. 

Q: What are Ranking Point(s)?
A: Ranking Points are scores awarded to players during tournaments. 

Q: How do I earn Ranking Point(s)?
A: You earn 1 Ranking Point for participating in a Ranking Tournament, 1 Ranking Point for each round you emerge victorious and 1 Ranking Point for placing 1st in the specified tournament.

Q: What is the duration for Game Academia Rankings?
A: Game Academia Rankings starts on the 1st of every month and ends on the last day of the month. Ranking points will reset after the last day of the month to give others a chance.

Q: What would I get for Ranking 1st at the end of the month?
A: The Champion of the Rankings, the player who ranked #1 at the end of the month, will be awarded with a Booster Box of their choice, subject to availability for that particular card game and cannot be brought forward.

Q: What do players who Rank #2 and lower get?
A: Players who rank #2 onwards may have their accumulated points converted to Discount Codes that can only be redeemed on A user account is required for the code to delivered to the player. Players can create an account before claiming their Discount Codes. 

Q: When will I receive my Discount Code?
A: Players who rank #2 onwards will have their points converted to discount codes on the last day of the month at 2pm. If a tournament occurs for a game, then points will be converted after the tournament for that specific game. Discount Codes will be automatically sent to your account.

Q: Is there a minimum requirement of players for Rankings?
A: All tournament that clocks more than 6 players will activate Game Academia Rankings. If a tournament has 5 or less players, that particular tournament will not be a part of Game Academia Rankings. If in one month, there are less than 3 tournaments with Game Academia Rankings, the Free Booster Box for the player who Ranks #1 will be void. However the Ranking Points for the tournaments will still remain and it can be converted to online store discount codes.

Q: What if I don't have an account at
A: If you do not have an account, we will inform you to create one. Discount Codes are tied to your account and other account cannot use your unique Discount Codes. If you do not have an account by the 3rd day of the new month, we will be unable to generate your Discount Code and it will be void.

Q: Am I able to convert my Ranking Points into Discount Codes if I am the Champion?
A: The Champion will not have their Ranking Points converted to Discount Codes as they already are awarded with a Booster Box of their choice. However, they may choose to convert their Ranking Points to Discount Codes instead of winning a Booster Box.

Q: What can I use my Discount Codes on?
A: You can use the Discount Code on any product you purchase in our online store. All the Discount Code does is offset the total amount in your order. 

Q: Why do Ranking Point(s) reset?
A: Ranking Points reset every month to encourage other players to be competitive in the tournament. 

Q: Can the Champion be the same every month?
A: No. A 2-month cool-down will be initiated for the Champions. If a previous Champion were to win again in the current month, the player who is Ranked #2 will be reinstated as the new Champion and they will be awarded with a Booster Box instead. If this is the case, the player who is Ranked #1 (who is the previous month's Champion) will be able to convert his Ranking Points to Discount Codes.

Q: Do Discount Codes earned by converting Ranking Points expire?
A: Yes. Ranking Points that are converted to Discount Codes will expire after 2 months. Please note that only 1 Discount Code can be used per order to offset the total amount.

Q: What if the product I am looking for is not available for me to redeem my Discount Code?
A: If the product you are looking for is not available in our website, please contact us through e-mail or Facebook to request the product and we will upload it for you, subject to availability.

Q: Can I redeem my converted Ranking Points at your storefront without going through the online store?
A: No you may not. All points will be converted to Discount Codes and must be redeemed through our online store. 


Game Academia reserves the rights to make changes or amends to Game Academia Rankings without giving advance notice.