Dragon Ball Super Card Game - [DBS-B12] Booster Box




Pre-Order Deadline: 30th October 2020.
Release Date: 22nd January 2021.

Manufactured by: Bandai.
Text Language: English

*Order 12 Booster Boxes for a sealed carton.

Unison Warrior Series's third set (B12) will introduce more characters from the Dragon Ball universe! Starting from the main characters of the Unison Warrior Series, the Shadow Dragons, Nuova, Rage and Oceanus Shenron make their first appearance!

Combining cards from all the Unison Warrior Series expansions, the pieces you need for the mighty Shadow Dragon deck are ready! Finally, the long waited Turles and Turles:Xeno joins the battle!

Total of 164 Normal + 128 Foil Card Types!

  • 60x Common Types (Normal / Foil Ver.)
  • 38x Uncommon Types (Normal / Foil Ver.)
  • 30x Rare Types (Normal / Foil Ver.)
  • 23x Super Rare Types
  • 10x Special Rare Types
  • 3x Secret Rare Types
  • 4x New Reboot Leader PR Types (Box Topper Pack)
  • 6x Reprint Card Types (Box Topper Pack)
  • Debut of the new [Rejuvenation] Keyword Skill.

24x Booster Packs.
12x Cards in 1 Pack.
1x Box Topper PR Pack (1x New Reboot Leader Card & 2x Reprint Cards).