Dragon Ball Super TCG - Pre-Release Tournament: Destroyer Kings Registration

Game Academia Singapore


*Please make complete payment online (Via Bank Transfer, PayNOW or PayLah) to confirm your registration. If payment is not made after checkout, your entry will be void. Please inform our staff of your Order # on the tournament day before onsite registration closes. 

Tournament Details:

Date: 14th March 2019
Venue: Game Academia (Please check CONTACT US Page for directions)
Max Participants: 16 Players.
Tournament Starts at: 7.30pm
Tournament Style: Sealed Deck / Swiss / Best out of 1 Matches.

Entry Gift:
1x Series 6 Pre-Release Pack
2x Special Pack 06

Use the 2x Special Packs given as entry to make a 40-card Deck and 1 Leader Card for this tournament.


1x Exclusive Card Sleeve 

0-1 Win Prize:
1x Booster Packs Of Choice.

2 Wins Prize:
2x Booster Packs Of Choice.

3 Wins Prize:
4x Booster Packs Of Choice.